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FeatureCat is a feedback and feature management tool that helps you collect feedback, organize features, and build the product your customers want.

Top Features

FeatureCat is the Complete Toolkit for Feature Management

Collect requirements, gather feedback, prioritise features, and plan delivery - all in one place.

User Feedback

Streamline the feedback process to make it easier for users to provide valuable feedback.

Feature voting

Let users take a vote on features to give you quantifiable insights and shape your approach with their comments.

Plan features

Plan your features and link users and stakeholders to never lose track of who requested what.

User insights

Understand each vote and request with the simple user system, and segment them by their impact.

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Feedback Collection

Delightfully simple feedback

Integrate the public board into your product or app and start collecting feedback right away. Make giving feedback effortlessby providing a first-party experience.

Users can submit ideas or vote on features, leave comments and engage in discussions - so you always know what your users want the most.

  • Fully customizable to match your design, with brand and accent colors
  • Supports light and dark mode out of the box
  • Ready for mobile apps and the web, fully embedded or on a new page

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Feature Management

Plan the right features

Keep track of all feature requests and other artifacts, no matter where they are coming from. Never lose the origin of who requested what, when, and where.

See which the top voted features are, prioritize by segment and impact, engange in discussions with comments, and build exactly what your users want.

  • Plan and communicate your roadmap with feature status
  • Link submissions and features to avoid duplicates
  • Delight your users by following up on requests

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Understand who needs what

Segment users - and their votes, ideas and comments - by usage, device, revenue and prioritize your most important users. Provide a consistent experieince to

User authentication is as simple as embedding the Javascript SDK, or a single backend request. Attach as much or as little data to your users as you need to put everything in the right context.

  • Lightweight integration without large SDKs
  • No separate login necessary, users are signed in via your app
  • Full control about your user's data
Check the docs to get started
<script src="" async></script>

FeatureCat.init('embed', {
  board_url: 'appity',
  board_mode: 'feedback',
  identifier: 'bddc7c60-40a2-43b1-9a45-889f7b82189c',
  signature: 'QMcoi4LJukbhZNpVbzU4Ngql2LcYScXrhCWV',
  name: 'Jane Doe',
  email: '[email protected]',
  user_since: '2023-03-04 21:45:59.196855 +0100',

<div data-featurecat-embed></div>

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